Chugoku Regional Development Bureau Organization Overview

The Chugoku Regional Development Bureau has jurisdiction over the five prefectures of Chugoku(Shimonoseki City is under the jurisdiction of the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau among the ports and airports).
It is in charge of the implementation of projects under direct control (rivers, dams, sabo, coasts, roads, parks, repairs, harbors and airports), city administration, housing administration, land expropriation, construction industry administration, and subsidies etc.
It will proactively and integrally carry out affairs related to the maintenance and management of the national land in the Chugoku region.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MLIT)

Business outline of each room of
Chugoku Regional Development Bureau

Director of Disaster Prevention and Relief Division

 Director of Disaster Prevention and Relief Division takes charge of the operation of the disaster countermeasures headquarters of the Chugoku Regional Development Bureau, the compilation of disaster situations, disaster assessment, dispatch coordination and command of TEC-FORCE, and various manuals, agreements, liaison meetings, and support plans related to disaster response.

General Affairs Department

 General Affairs Department takes charge of personnel, salary, training, welfare, mutual aid association affairs, bidding, contract affairs such as public works, expense and income budget, settlement and accounting affairs of the staff working at the Chugoku Regional Development Bureau.

Planning Department

 Planning and business coordination related to projects under the jurisdiction of the Chugoku Regional Development Bureau, environmental impact assessment and project evaluation of projects under direct control of rivers, dams, roads, etc, investigate the plan. In addition, in charge of technical examination of bids and contracts related to directly controlled businesses, technical development, operation and management of construction machinery and information communication systems.

Construction Industry, City and Housing Department

 Approval of business based on the Land Acquisition Law, permission of construction industry, real estate industry, etc., office work related to consent of city planning and its technical examination, land readjustment project, urban redevelopment project, street project, city park project, sewerage project Responsible for approval and its technical examination, subsidy, delivery of subsidy business, examination, delivery of subsidy related to public housing maintenance business, etc., and guidance, supervision of business.

River Department

 River Department takes charge of rivers, dams, sabo, and coastal projects in order to respond to the frequent natural disasters in recent years and ensure the safety of social life. In order to create a space of moisture and peace, promote environmental improvement projects and maintain and manage rivers and dams. In addition, this department will be in charge of new subsidies and technical examinations related to river subsidy projects.

Road Department

 Road Department takes charge of the road business, which is indispensable for regional promotion and streamlining of logistics, promote the development of infrastructure for regional development, such as the development of high-standard roads, the development of general national highways, the utility tunnel project as a lifeline accommodation facility for gas and electricity, and the traffic safety project, as well as the maintenance of roads. In addition, this department will be in charge of new subsidies and technical examinations related to road subsidy projects.

Port and Airport Department

 In charge of port business and airport business to form a social infrastructure that supports people’s lives, in charge of planning, survey and technological development related to port development, as well as coastal business that contributes to the creation of a safe city and living infrastructure. In addition to marine pollution control work and development, maintenance, and management of development and maintenance routes, also in charge of new subsidies and technical examinations related to port subsidy projects.

Government Buildings Department

 Government Buildings Department takes charge of government facilities that provide administrative services closely related to people’s lives. We will strive to maintain the functions of existing facilities through the development of facilities such as the Joint Government Building that responds to diversifying administrative needs such as disaster prevention, environment, and welfare, and seismic retrofitting, and will be in charge of regional revitalization through the development of these facilities.

Public Use Land Department

 Public Use Land Department takes charge of land acquisition and property relocation compensation required for public works projects such as parks, rivers, dams, and roads.