Map of the Chugoku Region
History of the CRDB
The four following former ministries and agencies, the Hokkaido Development Agency, the National Land Agency, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Construction, were integrated to create the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLII), which was newly established on Jan. 6, 2001.
In the Chugoku Region, the Regional Construction Bureau of the Ministry of Constrution and the Ports and Harbors Construction Bureau of the Ministry of Transport were integrated into the Chugoku Regional Development Bureau (CRDB), as part of the government reorganization. The CRDB is newly engaged in clerical and administrative work concerning city administration, housing administration, land expropriation, construction industry administration, port administration, and subsidiary payment, as well as conventional projects under direct jurisdiction of the former two bureaus, such as projects for rivers/dams, roads, parks, government buildings and management, ports, harbors and airports.
Hiroshima gov building
Organaization chart
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