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Creating a global network to link Japan to the rest of the world
Hiroshima AirportThe air transport system in Japan plays an increasingly important role in transporting people as well as electronic parts and perishable goods. There is a growing demand for an enhanced air transportation network and high-speed and high capacity airplanes. In response to these demands, the CRDB is promoting the improvement of airport facilities in order to enhance safety, functionality, and user comfort.
Photo: Hiroshima Airport
International Flight Services in the Chugoku Region
(February 2003)
Airline routeNo. of flights per week
Yonago to Seoul3
Okayama to Seoul5
Okayama to Shanghai3
Okayama to Guam2
Hiroshima to Seoul9
Hiroshima to Singapore4
Hiroshima to Hong Kong2
Hiroshima to Xian4
Hiroshima to Shanghai4
Hiroshima to Honolulu2
Hiroshima to Dalian2
Hiroshima to Beijing2
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