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Carrying out river works to satisfy public water demands with flood control, water utilization, and environmental conservation
With the aim of managing, utilizing and preserving water, the CRDB promotes river projects with the cooperation of local communities. The projects include river improvement, erosion and sediment control, seacoast protection, and the construction and management of dams, all under the direct jurisdiction of the national government. In addition, the CRDB supports improvement projects and subordinate projects of the rivers under the jurisdiction of local authorities as well as conducts technical reviews.
Nukui Dam
This dam was constructed for flood control and river flow regulation on the lower reaches of the Otagawa River, and supplies water to 4 cities and 21 towns in Hiroshima Prefecture. This multipurpose dam is the second tallest arch-dam in Japan.
Improvement of the Otagawa River to preserve the environment for fishes
River improvement work is underway on the Otagawa River to ensure an environment that enables fish to easily travel up and down the river. After completion of the work, fish will be able to go from the mouth of the Otagawa River, located in an urban area, upstream to higher reaches of the river in the mountains.
The Otagawa River runs through Hiroshima, a city of over one million people.
The CRDB aims to protect cities from floods and high tidal waves, to create a water environment suitable for "Water Capital Hiroshima," and to promote river works in concert with local development plans.